Casio PRW-60YGE-1AJR PROTERK Solar Smart Link Watch Japan Domestic Version New


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Smart Link Watch
Japan Domestic Version New

The instruction manual is in
Japanese. You may have to download the
English manual at maker’s homepage.
It comes with one year Japanese warranty.

Replacement from
the “Climber Line” PRW-60 pursuing
ease of use and ease of use with
realized downsizing realization of
full-scale outdoor gear “PRO TREK
(Pro-trek)” equipped with triple
sensor Ver.3

model with a rubber band for it

The model of this time can easily
change the band with the slide
lever, and it can be mounted from
the top of the outer and the glove
by replacing it with a rubber band
with high elasticity according to
the scene. This realizes
specification that can respond to
various environmental changes
according to the season and use.
Moreover, by applying native
pattern design, it finished in
design that fits outdoor fashion.
The PRW – 60 of the base model
achieves miniaturization of minus
7.5 mm in case longitudinal
direction and minus 4.4 mm in
lateral direction (when comparing
PRW – 6100 Y), triple sensor,
multiband 6, tough solar, 10
atmospheric pressure waterproof
etc While doing so does not
disturb the movement of the wrist
in outdoor scenes such as mountain
climbing and climbing, making it a
small design.
New Pro Trek that made it possible
to distinguish basic bands and
highly elastic rubber bands
according to the environment and

※ What is Triple Sensor Ver.3
A compact magnetic sensor
realizing 95% downsizing and a
pressure sensor with more
measurement accuracy are
installed. By combining this
sensor and Casio proprietary
sensor IC which improved
processing capability, we have
dramatically improved the function
of triple sensor.


  • TN liquid crystal boasts high

  • Triple sensor capable of measuring direction,
    altitude, pressure, and temperature

  • Multiband 6 that receives the standard radio
    waves of 6 global stations (Japan 2 stations,
    China, the United States, the UK, Germany) and
    automatically corrects the time

  • Tough Solar

  • Barometric pressure trend display function

  • Barometric pressure trend information alarm

  • Low temperature resistant specification (-10 °

  • Combines electronic crown switch capable of
    sensuous operation and multi-motor drive that
    independently drives hour, minute, second
    hand, “smart access” which can use various
    functions smoothly

  • Needle position automatic correction function

  • Hybrid mount structure to improve the
    durability of the movement

  • Needle retraction function that temporarily
    moves the needle from the digital display
    automatically when the needle overlaps the
    liquid crystal when measuring altitude,
    pressure and temperature

  • Full Auto Double LED Light (Dial: Neon
    Illuminator, Liquid Crystal: LED Light)


  • Case · Bezel Material: Resin /
    Stainless steel

  • With attached band

  • Cross Band

  • Dura soft band (silicone resin)

  • Neo Bright

  • Inorganic glass

  • Screw lock type crown

  • 10 ATM water resistant

  • Tough Solar (Solar Charging System)

  • Radio reception function: Automatic reception
    (up to 6 times / day) (Chinese radio waves up
    to 5 times / day) / manual reception,

    • <Japan> Received radio waves: JJY,
      Frequency: 40 kHz / 60 kHz (corresponding
      model for Fukushima / Kyushu both stations)

    • <North America region> Received radio
      wave: WWVB, frequency: 60 kHz

    • <Europe region> Received radio waves:
      MSF / DCF 77, frequency: 60 kHz / 77.5 kHz

    • <China> Received radio wave: BPC,
      frequency: 68.5 kHz
      * If you set the home time setting as a
      receivable city, you will receive stations
      that match the city. The time difference is
      set by the selected city.

  • Needle position automatic correction function

  • World time: Time display of 29 cities in the
    world (29 time zone, with daylight saving time
    setting function) + UTC (Coordinated Universal
    Time), UTC direct call function, home time
    city change function

  • Azimuth measurement function: Measure 16
    azimuth and azimuth angle (0 to 359 °),
    continuous azimuth measurement (60 seconds),
    northward pointer function, magnetic
    deflection angle correction function, azimuth
    correction function (2 point correction)

  • Pressure measurement function (measurement
    range: 260 to 1,100 hPa, 1 hPa unit), pressure
    tendency graph (display for past 20 hours),
    pressure differential indicator (measurement
    range: ± 10 hPa / 1 hPa unit), pressure
    tendency information alarm (characteristic If
    there is a change in atmospheric pressure it
    will inform you with an arrow and a sound)

  • Altitude measurement function / relative
    altimeter (measurement range: -700 to 10,000
    m, 1 m unit), altitude difference indicator
    (measurement range 1: 100 m / 5 m unit,
    measurement range 2: 1000 m / 50 m unit),
    altitude trend graph, measurement interval
    setting Function (5 seconds / every 2 minutes)
    * Altitude memory (up to 30 measurement
    manuals monthly, time, altitude up to 30
    manual memories), automatic record data
    (maximum / minimum altitude, auto integration
    Up / down) memory)

  • Temperature measurement function (measurement
    range: -10 to 60 ° C, 0.1 ° C increments)

  • Stopwatch (1/100 second, 24 hour total, with

  • Timer (set unit: 1 minute, maximum set: 60
    minutes, measured in 1 second increments)

  • 5 time alarms · time signal

  • Needle retraction function (manual, automatic
    (altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature

  • Battery indicator display

  • Power saving function (In a dark place, after
    a certain period of time has elapsed the
    display is turned off and the hand movement is
    stopped to save power)

  • Full auto calendar

  • 12/24 hour display switching

  • Low temperature resistant specification (-10 °

  • Operation sound ON / OFF switching function

  • Double LED light:

  • LED light for dial (full auto light, neon
    illuminator, afterglow function, with after
    hours switching (1.5 seconds / 3 seconds)),

  • LED backlight for LCD section (full auto
    light, afterglow function, with afterglow time
    change (1.5 sec / 3 sec))

  • Drive time in the state without solar power
    generation from the time of full charge In
    case of using function: About 6 months Power
    saving state: About 25 months

    Home Time City (Receiving Function Supported
    City) / Received Radio Tokyo / Japanese
    Standard Radio JJY 40 · JJY 60
    (Honolulu), (Anchorage), Los Angeles, Denver,
    Chicago, New York / USA standard radio WWVB
    London, Paris, Athens / UK standard radio wave
    MSF · German standard radio wave DCF 77
    Hong Kong / China’s standard radio wave BPC
    * Each city in () may be received if
    conditions are good.
    * When radio wave reception is not performed,
    it operates with normal quartz accuracy
    (average monthly difference of ± 15 seconds).

    * The altimeter is a relative altimeter that
    converts atmospheric pressure changes to
    altitude. If the atmospheric pressure changes
    due to weather conditions, the altitude of the
    measured value also changes.
    ※ When measuring the outside temperature,
    please remove the watch from the arm, please
    do not be affected by body temperature, sweat
    (water droplets), direct sunlight etc.

  • Size (H × W × D): 50.5 × 47.2
    × 13.3 mm
  • Weight: 69 g




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Generally, the warranty is a one year
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the value in the invoice or mark it as a
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2)    What “Japan model”
It means Japan domestic market model.

3)    Can you send me an
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English manual can be found and downloaded
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let us know.
We will assist you.

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We cannot do so in order to keep brand new
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